22A Poor Advertisement for Young People22 says Yahaya Bello. Prelate Kukah bankpawa.co .uk

“A Poor Advertisement for Young People,” says Yahaya Bello. Prelate Kukah

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Bishop Matthew Kukah, co-convener of the National Peace Committee, has spoken out against the violence in Kogi State, where Governor Yahaya Bello serves.

Kukah claimed on Wednesday’s episode of Sunrise Daily on Channels TV that Bello, the youngest governor in the country, has fallen short of his goals.

The man spoke thusly:

I’m upset because Kogi has been in the spotlight, and Governor Yahaya Bello took great delight in being the country’s youngest governor and an example of what young people can accomplish if given the chance.

“Unfortunately, in my opinion, he has been a very poor representative of the potential of young people.”

According to reports from BANKPAWA, Abubakar Audu, a member of the All Progressives Congress, died in office in 2015, making way for Bello, then 48. Audu passed away before he could be inaugurated.

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