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A suspect parade for the vandalism of the Second Niger Bridge

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Eight suspects in the vandalism of the brand-new Second Niger Bridge have been publicly identified by police in Anambra State.

Iron grills and drainage covers were also found by the state police command that the vandals had stolen from the bridge.

Aderemi Adeoye, commissioner of police in Anambra state, made the announcement on Monday during a news event during which he presented around 129 criminal suspects.

In addition to the vandals, the authorities have also displayed other suspects, including members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), abduction victims, and armed robbery suspects.

Adeoye told the media, “I have been here as CP for three months, and today I am here to tell the public the progress we have made in fighting crime and providing security for the Anambra people.”

Normalcy has been restored thanks to the unparalleled public, media, and state government support.

The Second Niger Bridge continues to be vandalized. The Federal Ministry of Works notified us about vandalism on the incredibly expensive project a month ago.

After surveying the damage, I personally issued the order to bring down the syndicate. Five individuals suspected of stealing iron grills and drainage covers off the bridge were apprehended thanks to the efforts of the ministry and Julius Berger.

According to their statement, “Based on their confession, we moved in and arrested three people who bought the irons from them.”

While discussing cult arrests, the commissioner expressed concern over a recent uptick in cult-related murders, particularly in Awka.

People were quite worried and scared, but we managed to put their minds at ease. Within a week of getting to work, we had apprehended, charged in court, and had all 34 cult suspects confined to prison.

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We hunted down one of the most dangerous killers and caught him in his Enugu hideout. Four, he said, had been killed by his gang in the past six months.

The commissioner showed off 129 suspects, and the police seized 25 cars, 14 tricycles, 7 motorcycles, 26 weapons, and 93 rounds of ammunition. One roll of armored cables and sixteen bridge grills have been found.

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