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AA Chairman: “Those calling for my resignation are just busybodies.”

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Adekunle Rufai Omoaje, National Chairman of the Action Alliance (AA), says he is unconcerned by the requests for his resignation, claiming those who are calling for it are simply busybodies who do not understand the party’s ideals.

Adekunle Rufai Omoaje responded to a statement attributed to the “Concerned Stakeholders of the Action Alliance” on Friday in Kaduna by saying that the organisation does not exist and is unknown to the party.

Everything they do doesn’t bother me since they’re just busybodies,” he said. I am repairing the party, I am working hard, and I have done nothing wrong.

The party, he said, is here to stay, and all that’s needed of them is to go to work on fixing it without being sidetracked.

Action Alliance (AA) National Chairman said there is no factional chairman within the party as alleged by the organization, and warned people to be wary of anybody pretending to speak for the AA on any level.

He urged party members to put aside their differences and work together to advance the party’s platform and the country.

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