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Abeokuta’s mobile phone bazaar has been shut down, leaving vendors stranded

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On Friday, phone vendors and repairmen in Abeokuta, the capital of Ogun State, were rendered powerless when armed policemen seized the marketplace they relied on for their livelihood.

The Ogun State Government acquired the park at the Ibara Roundabout in Abeokuta for the greater good more than a decade ago, as reported by BANKPAWA

According to reports, armed cops attacked the Tarmac cellphone market on Friday.

The agents, who supposedly had a court order in their possession, claimed they had come to seize the property in accordance with the verdict.

The security guards fought tooth and nail against the phone shop owners and repairmen when they tried to open for business.

While we were trying to enter the market and set up our stalls, the cops opened fire and used tear gas on us. We have no idea who has the court order. We’ve all gone our separate ways now. One of the techs, Ade, told our correspondent, “We don’t know what to do.”

According to BANKPAWA, all commerce ground to a halt on Friday as customers and merchants milled around aimlessly.

The Public Relations Officer for the Ogun State Police, Omolola Odutota, claimed when contacted that the police at the phone market were performing a legal role.

As police officers, we have to enforce the law on occasion. Not every action taken by law enforcement will be made public. This is a civil, not criminal, affair, and the police officers you witnessed are not impostors. We’ll talk if we determine that the person was a criminal.

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In regards to land, cops have no worries. How do police feel about enforcement issues? The legal system has the power to enforce any rulings it makes. Odutola said, “Not everything the police do should be shared on social media.

It’s a different matter,” she clarified, “if they were police officers who were masquerading. But since you observed so many police officers, they must be performing their legal duty.

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