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Abolish restrictions on the sale of assault rifles in Nigeria, says Governor Radda

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Katsina State Governor Dikko Umaru Radda has requested that the federal government lift restrictions on the sale and possession of firearms like AK-47s and RPGs for the sake of self-defense.

The governor, who made these remarks on Friday at a media meeting in Abuja, contended that people should be permitted to own firearms if the robbers wreaking havoc across the country can have access to the market to purchase theirs.

If criminals can legally purchase weapons like the AK-47 and RPG from local vendors, then what hope do law-abiding citizens have? They should be afforded the same privileges as everyone else.

We’re trying to hold it lawfully, while they’re holding it illegally. Why can’t the government let the people have this and face the difficulties together?

I said, “Look, we are dropping arms, let us sit down and talk,” which means we may reintegrate them back into society, even though negotiating with bandits is a no-go area from my perspective.

He said, “We governors are so-called chief security officers of our states, but we don’t have the ability to command the military, police, or civil defense. They’re told what to do by higher-ups.

We put in a lot of time and work, and now the Katsina Community Watch Corps has an intelligence division. Not even the corpsmen are familiar with this intelligence group. The purpose of its establishment is to monitor the activities of the Watch Corps and to compile relevant data.

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