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Abuja and other city dwellers in a state of panic about the purported absence of male gender roles

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Criminals are reportedly on the loose in the FCT Abuja and other states of the federation, snatching male genital parts, and this is causing widespread alarm.

Some North Central states, including Kogi, Nasarawa, Kaduna, and the nation’s capital, have seen an uptick in reports of missing genitalia in recent years.

The BANKPAWA writes that for almost a month now, inhabitants of the FCT have been living in fear following alleged incidences of’stealing’ of manhoods, even though it is still unclear how the miscreants carry out such activities.

Some people have been killed as a result of this terrible trend, with angry youngsters descending on suspects they hold responsible for the “mysterious disappearance of manhoods.”

There are conflicting reports about who is responsible for the horrific crime wave sweeping the city. Others claim that the victim’s penis vanishes following any sort of physical contact with the suspected manhood thief, including a handshake.

While warning residents against “jungle justice” being meted out to the alleged organ thieves in the state on August 23, the Nasarawa State Police Command revealed that some people had been attacked in the Nasarawa Eggon, Obi, Lafia, and Keffi Local Government Areas over the same allegations.

However, according to DSP Ramhan Nansel, the State’s Police Public Relations Officer, a medical check of the alleged victims “gave all of them a clean bill of health,” indicating that the charges were unfounded.

An unnamed young guy was lynched on September 20 by enraged teenagers in the phase 2 Gwagwalada neighborhood of the FCT for the purported theft of a resident’s manhood.

Lucky Josiah, a local resident, was blamed for Rokeeb Saheed’s missing manhood three days after the initial incident occurred.

When asked by BANKPAWA about the horrific event, SP Josephine Adeh, the police department’s public relations officer, said that officers responded swiftly to a distress call reporting a lynching.

Lucky was spared death at the hands of an irate mob thanks to the intervention of police officers, in contrast to the situation in Gwagwalada.

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The PPRO stated that Lucky’s injuries were attended to and that medical checks on Saheed’s male organ confirmed that it was healthy.

Residents of the city center and the outlying communities have continued to report similar instances virtually everyday.

On Friday, a terrible video of a suspected manhood thief being tortured and dehumanized by a mob, some of whom appeared to be security operatives, went viral on the internet.

A video surfaced of the alleged thief claiming his innocence after being accused of taking two manhoods.

Misguided alarm

Some of the claims made by alleged victims of masculinity theft appear to be exaggerated or motivated by ulterior factors.

Most of the alarms made by the purported victims were staged, according to a security officer in the FCT who did not wish to be named in the media.

He claims that thieves on the loose in the city will purposefully cause trouble at a public event in order to make off with valuables from people who aren’t paying attention.

He claimed that criminals in the nation’s capital are capitalizing on the trend to commit additional violent crimes.

About 80% of the alarms raised by those who say their manhood has been stolen are fabricated. This is a novel method for stealing from innocent victims.

“What usually happens is that they congregate in busy areas, where one or two of them yell that their penises have been stolen. They act this way solely to get consideration.

“When things like that happen, people tend to put their own concerns aside and focus on what’s going on, and that’s when other members of the gang will start stealing goods like phones, luggage, and cars.

When the purported victims realize the jobs are over, you may expect to hear them say things like, “My manhood is back!” But where did it go in the first place?

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“The only way out of this is to arrest and prosecute everyone who raises such an alert and it is later discovered, whether at the hospital or elsewhere, that he lied. He predicted that the trend would reverse if the police punished three people in this way.

BANKPAWA, however, referenced a video clip in which a suspected manhood thief admitted to committing the crime in Nasarawa State. He claims that you lose your manhood if “I just talk to you and you reply to me.”

He said he was employed by a single indigenous physician.

However, according to the PPRO of Nasarawa State, who spoke to BANKPAWA it’s possible that the confession was made under duress.

Depending on his mental state at the time, he may have been trying to explain his confession.

It is impossible to steal a man’s virility, according to science.

Experts have concluded that the claims rest only on diabolism and have no basis in science.

Internet fraudsters, who may have dispatched boys into the city to collect men’s manhoods for sacrifices in an evil attempt to entice potential victims, have been held responsible for the trend by residents.

Senator Shehu Sani, a former member of Congress who has spoken out on this issue, expressed his concern about the growing prevalence of the allegation of “manhood theft” in the nation’s capital.

The leader of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) posted on his official X Twitter that he was concerned about the lynching of alleged thieves since they might be innocent.

According to his article, “the claim of manhood stealing is becoming rampant in Abuja,” and “lawlessness is when the accused or wrongly accused are lynched by a mob,” both of which are unacceptable outcomes. Such assertions are not supported by any scientific evidence. It’s just the work of magicians.

Doctor Kaleb Ugo, speaking with Saturday’s BANKPAWA said that it’s physically impossible for a man’s organ to simply vanish without a cut.

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Those claims, he claimed, are “based on African magic and not facts.”

Ugo countered that some medical problems can cause a reduction in size of the male reproductive organs, but not their complete absence as claimed by purported victims.

He said that conditions like peyronie’s and erectile dysfunction can cause a man’s penis to shrink.

The doctor explained that peyronie’s disease develops when scar tissue forms in the tunica albuginea, which is the lining that surrounds the corpora cavernosa.

He claims that the illness can cause the penis to become abnormally short.

He said that organs will always appear smaller in people with the illness.

Ugo, speaking on erectile dysfunction, said that a man’s manhood may diminish if he goes without an erection for an extended period of time.

When your automobile breaks down and you don’t use it for six months, for instance, you don’t expect it to return to its previous condition.

When we cease getting erections regularly, the penis can lose its suppleness because the elastic tissue responsible for bringing it from a flaccid to an erect position changes.

And as the penis loses its elasticity, it won’t lengthen with an erection, and you’ll start to feel shorter.

The FCT Commissioner of Police, CP Haruna Garba, reportedly cautioned against disseminating misinformation about the purported organ disappearance, as reported by BANKPAWA

The CP claimed that the spread of these rumors had sown fear among the populace and disturbed the tranquility across the area.

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