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According to Miyetti Allah, there are too many ranchers locked up in prisons around the country

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Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore, a Fulani cultural group, claims that many of its members are unjustly imprisoned across the country.

On Monday, during the association’s AGM in Karu Local Government Area, Nasarawa State, National President Alhaji Abdullahi Bodejo made the announcement.

He claims that since they are Fulani, livestock herders face extreme discrimination.

So they assembled a 55-person legal team to deal with the issue and get their people released.

Bodejo has requested that the federal government move swiftly to free its members who have been unfairly arrested around the country.

Many of our relatives are unfairly incarcerated around the country. They are frequently taken into custody for doing nothing more than pastoring in and near grazing zones.

Others were detained solely on the basis of their Fulani ethnicity.

A 55-man legal team was formed because “the situation has been very worrisome,” he added. “We will be fighting for the cause of our people, especially the innocent ones, to get justice.”

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