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According to Reno Omokri, the Bible does not mandate a bride price for non-virgin women

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Former president Goodluck Jonathan’s communications adviser Reno Omokri has stated that bride price is not “scripturally required” for non-virgins.

Men who “constantly look after in-laws as a matter of duty” are not, he said, careless men.

He insisted that regardless of “the physical or spiritual excuses you use to justify your actions,” men who care for their in-laws while neglecting their own parents are not “weak,” but “wicked.”

Omokri said, “You have absolutely no duty toward her family beyond ensuring that you look after her and her offspring with love and care as your primary duty,” on his X profile, a microblogging platform. Any suggestion that you care for her in-laws in addition to the bride price you paid (assuming she was a virgin when you married her; otherwise even bride payment is not Scripturally necessary – Exodus 22:17) constitutes bondage.

However, he said, “Don’t prohibit your wife from doing so if she wants to do so with her own money. But you shouldn’t let her bring her dad’s house into yours, either. If four of her siblings are living with you but none of yours are, she is the wife and you are the husband.

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