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Adamu Garba: ECOWAS is preventing Tinubu from fulfilling his commitments to Nigerians

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Adamu Garba, a prominent member of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has cautioned his fellow ECOWAS leaders not to derail President Bola Tinubu from fulfilling his first responsibility to the people of Nigeria.

To Garba, the ECOWAS bloc is nothing without Nigeria, and he accuses the organization of trying to entice Tinubu to support them in their failings and those of their French masters.

The APC leader urged ECOWAS members to go home and clean up on Saturday in a tweet shared on his social media site.

Garba further claimed that several ECOWAS countries had betrayed Nigeria when it was “sticking its neck out” for the organization.

He added, “While we are fighting and sticking our whole neck out in the name of ECOWAS, the same member states are betraying our efforts right within the folks.”

Our President should not get sidetracked by ECOWAS, abeg. They should let him carry out his primary responsibility to Nigeria in peace. We Nigerians have faith in our President’s ability to make wise decisions on behalf of our nation. Former colonial leaders and their followers in Niger cannot be saved by us.

Without Nigeria, the so-called ECOWAS bloc is nothing but a hollow shell. While we have plenty of work for our President to perform in Nigeria, they are trying to distract him with their own failings and those of their French masters.

The whole lot of them has to pack up and go back to their own nations to tidy up and stop bothering us. We need President Tinubu to work tirelessly for eight years so that we can finally get Nigeria back on track. This is a top concern for us.

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