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Adeleke officially begins polio immunization efforts in Osun

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The National Immunization Plus Days (NIPDs) initiative for infants aged 0–59 months in Osun State was launched by Governor Ademola Adeleke.

Adeleke started off the event by encouraging moms to vaccinate their children through the initiative.

The governor, who had his deputy, Kola Adewusi, represent him at the flag-off, boasted that the state of Osun has been successful in prior campaigns thanks to the support of the state’s parents and other caregivers.

In addition to his recollection of Osun’s victory in all three rounds of the campaign, he also revealed that 1,499,734 children had been vaccinated as of December 2022.

He also shared that the campaign hopes to reach 1,530,295 kids this September.

The state government, under his leadership, “has been supporting the immunisation activities through release of counterpart fund and by monitoring and supervising health care services across the state,” he said.

The governor revealed that recent testing had found traces of the virus in certain feces examined, despite his earlier claim that no new cases of Polio infection have been registered in the last few years.

Chairman Adisa Tajudeen of the Osun State Primary Health Care Development Board spoke warmly of the governor’s dedication to the people of Osun’s health and well-being in his opening remarks.

immunization has saved countless lives and prevented disability and misery in our society, he said, so “the importance of vaccination to our children in the state can not be overstated.”

The exercise, which will take place between September 30 and October 2, 2023, will involve administering two drops of the innovative Oval Polio Vaccine, OPV, to children between the ages of 0 and 59 months.

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