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Again, Governor Otti cautions kings not to provide safe haven to criminals

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The governor of Abia State, Alex Otti, has issued a warning to any traditional ruler in the state who is found to be hiding criminals.

While speaking at the inauguration of the 9th Executive Council of the Abia State Council of Ndi Eze in Umuahia, he issued the aforementioned warning.

Otti praised the new leadership of the traditional institution, saying that traditional rulers are respected figures whose backing is essential to Abia’s safety and progress.

He defended his government’s selection of Eze Linus Nto Mba and other royal fathers as leaders, saying that they took care to minimize the potential for rivalry among traditional rulers.

He was shocked to learn that some local chiefs don’t keep up with current events, which stunts community growth.

Otti urged the state’s traditional leaders to work with his administration in safeguarding the country, bringing up Operation Crush and the need for the traditional leaders to back the security combined outfit.

After declaring his intent to develop the state by making use of Abia’s agricultural potential and other mineral resources, the governor admitted that such ambitious goals could not be met while the state was in a condition of insecurity and turmoil.

In his inaugural address, HRH Eze Linus Nto Mba, the new Chairman of the Abia State Council of Ndi Eze, pledged to bring unprecedented growth to the state’s rural towns.

Eze Mba, who pledged to unite his colleagues for Abia’s progress, said his administration will foster unity, peace, and love among the people of all their communities.

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He also expressed gratitude to Governor Otti for elevating the monthly allowances of Abia’s traditional rulers and for entrusting him to lead the royal fathers, promising that he would not let them down.

HRH Eze Nelson Mmerengwa is the first Deputy Chairman; HRH Eze Franklin Nwosu is the second Deputy Chairman; and HRH Eze Uwakwe Ukaegbu is the third Deputy Chairman of the traditional rulers’ executive council.

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