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Airport renaming in honor of Chuba Okadigbo has been met with opposition from former Ebonyi governors Elechi and Egwu

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On Sunday, two ex-governors of Ebonyi State, Chief Martin Elechi and Dr. Sam Egwu, spoke out against plans to honor the late Senate President Chuba Okadigbo by renaming the state airport.

During the Abakaliki celebration of the state’s independence, Elechi and Egwu represented the state’s founding fathers by giving speeches at the New Government House.

When asked about the new airport’s name, Elechi had commented, “Ebonyi people are not happy to hear it is named Chuba Okadigbo Airport.” It’s true that Chuba Okadigbo is a legendary Nigerian, but you won’t hear anyone from Ebonyi State praising his efforts on their behalf.

The elementary school where Offia-Nwali excelled as a student is less than 10 kilometers from the airport, and both the airport and Dr. Offia-Nwali’s home are less than 20 kilometers from the airport.

In the words of the Ebonyi Central Zone’s Founding Fathers: “We think it will be more appropriate to name the airport after him.”

Egwu countered by saying, “That airport should be named after Offia-Nwali.”

Chinedu Ogah, a representative for the Ezza North and Ikwo Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, made the following statement: “Members of the National Assembly from Ebonyi State will sponsor a bill to ensure that the airport is named after Offia-Nwali.”

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