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Akwa Ibom: Protesting youth are dispersed with teargas by security forces

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Tear gas was used to disperse a group of young people who had gathered to protest the Akwa Ibom State Government’s refusal to pay them their share of the 13 percent oil derivation revenue.

Tear gas forced the male and female protesters, organized by the Ibom Youths Council (IYC), to seek refuge in nearby streets and Ibom Plaza.

On Tuesday, hundreds of young people in black and white and carrying a red and black flag stormed the Government House on Wellington Bassey Way in Uyo to demand their portion of the allocation.

Secretary of the Niger Delta Movement Comrade Victor Bassey James told reporters that the protesters had come out to demand an investigation by the governor.

We’ve been through a lot, and our young people haven’t been given any opportunities. That’s why such a large group of us has gathered here today—to demand that the governor investigate our case.

Also addressing the crowd was the Commander of the 2nd Brigade of the Nigerian Army, as well as the heads of the National Security and Civil Defense Corps and the Internal Security Service.

He pleaded for peace and told them to go back to their homes, saying that the governor of their state will address their concerns later.

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