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Ali Qadi, a prominent Hamas commander, is killed in an Israeli airstrike

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Ali Qadi, a top Hamas official, was killed in an Israeli airstrike. He was responsible for the deaths of several civilians.

Last week’s attack on Southern Israel was led by Qadi, who oversaw a commando team responsible for the deaths of civilians.

On Saturday, however, the IDF claimed they had eliminated the 37-year-old unit leader of the elite Hamas squad.

IDF claimed on X that “aircraft killed Ali Qadi, company commander of the Hamas ‘Nukhba’ (elite) commando force.”

Since last week, fighting has been ongoing between Israel and Hamas.

In exchange for an Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit, who had been abducted by Hamas in 2006, Israel freed over a thousand Palestinian detainees, including Qadi, in 2011.

For the kidnapping and murder of a Shin Bet broker in Israel, he was caught by Israeli authorities in 2005.

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