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Alia checks out the infrastructure for an IT education program

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On Tuesday, Governor of Benue State Reverend Fr. Hyacinth Alia surprised students and faculty by showing up at Benue State University in Makurdi.

Benue state government, along with Google and Microsoft, are sponsoring an ICT training program for 10,000 young people in the state, and Governor Alia was there to examine the facilities.

Tersoo Kula, the Governor’s top spokesperson, made this announcement in a news release.

According to the statement, “After inspecting the halls and receiving briefings from the management of the institution, the governor discovered that while some of the halls are fully equipped and ready to use with such requirements as air conditioners and dashboards, others are not fully equipped for the purpose.”

Gov. Alia promised that the buildings, which lacked the necessary equipment, would soon be completely outfitted so that the initiative could begin in earnest.

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