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An Imo county representative’s home was destroyed by gunmen

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On Thursday, the home of Chief Canice Moore Chukwugozie Nwachukwu (Omeogo), a member of Congress from Imo State’s Orlu, Orsu, and Oru East Federal Constituency, was destroyed by unknown assailants.

Peter Anaele, a local resident, told reporters that the gunmen attacked a home in Isioma, Abara village, Amanator Okporo Community in the Orlu Local Government Area of Imo State at around 2:00 am on Thursday.

He explained what took place, saying that the politician was not in his house when the attackers arrived.

He claims that the criminals, who were armed with firearms, bombs, and other potentially lethal materials, rounded up the lawmaker’s domestic workers under threat of violence and then set the building on fire.

They threatened more harsher attacks, made films of the workers, and seized homes and valuables. They hauled in two 20-liter barrels of gasoline and dumped it on the buildings before setting them ablaze with explosives, bombs, and dynamite.

According to information obtained by BANKPAWA, the incident has caused widespread fear and panic.

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