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An increase in worker pay is called for by the speaker as part of Nigeria@63

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Rt. Hon. Abbas Tajudeen, Speaker of the House of Representatives, has suggested that the Federal Government increase salaries to help alleviate the current economic condition.

On Thursday, at the State House Banquet Hall in Abuja, the Speaker issued the call during a public lecture marking the 63rd anniversary of Nigeria’s independence.

In order to deliver democratic dividends to the people of Nigeria, he suggested that the Federal Government capitalize on the cooperation already present amongst the various branches of government.

In a lecture titled “Actualizing the vision of renewed hope for socio-economic development through effective leadership,” Dr. Goke Adegoroye lauded President Bola Tinubu for his work so far in repositioning governance and resetting the economy as part of the Tinubu administration’s Renewed Hope Agenda.

To make sure the Renewed Hopa Agenda’s effects are felt throughout the economy, he asked the administration to prioritize certain components of it.

Sen. Kashim Shettima, Nigeria’s Vice President, has reassured his country’s citizens that the promises made by the Tinubu administration will be kept.

He said that the government would do everything in its power to ensure that no citizen would be forced to rely on welfare or other forms of government assistance in order to make ends meet.

“Today, we celebrate Nigeria’s effort to alter its course of history. We have arrived at a historical crossroads and can look back with pride at a country that has proven its doubters wrong and become an inspiration to the world.

The Vice President of the country made the following statement: “Over the past 63 years, we have not only survived but thrived because of our collective resolve, our commitment to progress, and the enduring spirit of unity that binds us together from Aba, down through Ogbomosho to Zaria, despite the conspiracies of minor vested interests.”

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He said, “we are here to remind ourselves that the future we promised Nigerians isn’t an empty performance for electoral favours,” despite the fact that this anniversary provides Nigeria with another opportunity to recognize the cross-regional bonds that have kept the country standing as Africa’s most populous nation and largest economy.

The Vice President said that a great country’s fate isn’t decided by the incidence of a socioeconomic difficulty, but by the intention, honesty, and innovative ideas of its leaders, and their dedication to implementing them.

Unless we make good on our pledge to advance food security and eliminate poverty, he continued, “we cannot renew the hope of the nation.” Facilitating access to money, bolstering national security, and optimizing the business environment are all necessary if we are to support economic growth and cultivate job creation.

To create the Nigeria we envision, we pledge to support the rule of law and to combat corruption. None of this is possible unless every American continues to play a vital role as a strategic partner in advancing our nation’s long-term goals.

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