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APC National Secretary Basiru Calls the Adeleke Administration Incompetent

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The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) administration in Osun State, led by Ademola Adeleke, has been called “incompetent” by All Progressives Congress (APC) National Secretary Ajibola Basiru.

According to Basiru, people who supported Adeleke’s election as governor of the state are now coming to terms with their actions.

The ex-spokesperson for the Senate made the remarks on Saturday at a banquet hosted in his honor by the APC leadership of Osogbo Federal Constituency.

The present governor of the state, Ademola Adeleke, will be removed from office in 2026, and he has called on party members to put aside their differences, work towards a stronger party, and remove Adeleke from office without causing internal turmoil.

You need to focus on making your party powerful, he said. You need to put in a lot of effort to reshape it so that it performs better in the upcoming elections.

Those who want to ruin our state’s good fortune have already begun to express regret less than a year later. Those they have chosen to lead the state have shown they are incapable of doing so.

“They’re assigning SSA at the Government House Pool, SSA at Oranmiyan Newtown, SSA at the children’s pool, SSA at the aquatic center, and so on. The government must fire them.

“When we fire him (Adeleke) in 2026, he will, as per normal, take a three-day Diploma to study non-governmental organizations (NGO) after failing to fire Iyaloja General. It’s a well-structured party, the APC. Let’s be more dedicated.

Since the APC National Secretary has a history of careless speech, the state’s commissioner for information and public engagement, Kolapo Alimi, was not shocked.

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Alimi defended Governor Adeleke’s recent appointments of assistants, saying that they were not an excuse for poor work.

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