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Apostle Johnson Suleman: “The poor are set up, the most dangerous people.”

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Apostle Johnson Suleman, leader of the notorious Omega Fire Ministry, has claimed that the world’s destitute are the most dangerous individuals.

Suleman was saddened by the fact that the majority of those who had attacked him from all sides were themselves economically disadvantaged.

The comment was made in a video that the pastor presumably filmed at one of his Sunday church services and posted on his Facebook page.

When asked why he doesn’t just grind to powder any poor person who finds his trouble, Suleman said that God could do the same to him.

“The poor are the most dangerous people in the world,” he declared. The poor pose a significant threat. They have a “set up” on the poor. I’m telling you the truth.

When I was praying, God told me, “I will grant some covenant that will always guarantee you money. “Treat the poor with compassion” is one among them. I have always been this way.

But in this life, everyone who came after me was born into poverty. And I have been puzzling over my own actions. If you see my name being mentioned online, it’s probably the poor. Why don’t the wealthy accuse me, I wonder?

Why is it that everyone who has accused me is financially strapped? I won’t go after the poor because I made a pact with God, right?

If I go after someone, you know they’ve crossed a line. If it’s a wealthy man, you can rest assured that I will be coming after you without delay. Someone with no capacity, however, is aware that they are putting you in danger.

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If you decide to pursue them, God will pursue you as well. Now you know why the underprivileged are targeted. Someone will chase you if you go after them. While you may be able to reduce that individual to powder, God can do the same to you.

There’s nothing I can do. And the destitute have no idea how to restrain themselves. The poor are ungrateful, or at least most of the poor are.

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