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Atiku encourages Nigerians, “Pull our country back from uncertainty” as the country turns 63

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Atiku Abubakar, the presidential candidate for the Peoples Democratic Party in 2023, has urged Nigerians to be ready to take the country back from uncertainty to a routine of safety.

In his address for Nigeria’s 63rd Independence Day, he issued this directive.

According to him, Nigeria achieved political independence 63 years ago on the promise of great wealth and the tenet of fair treatment for all citizens.

Atiku said, “As a nation, we have continued to fight to realize the ambitions of our founding fathers in preserving the pledges of shared prosperity and social fairness.

Through the hard work of our sportsmen and women, the eminence of our academics, and the brilliance of Nigerian artists on the international music scene, we have experienced magnificent times when the flag of our dear country soared tall on the global arena.

The problem we face as a nation, in my view, is to make sure that our political leaders inspire national pride rather than shame.

“Our democracy has prevailed thus far because we have remained true to our belief that a well-cared-for democracy will bring out the best in all of us.

We Nigerians are all too familiar with the challenges facing our country’s economy, security, and other fundamental facets of life.

To paraphrase: “While I enjoin us all to submit our strengths in faith to the Almighty God, we must be prepared to do our best to pull the country back from this point of uncertainty to a place of common safety.”

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