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Because of government incompetence, our poor road system is our greatest challenge, said Gov. Obaseki

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Edo State’s Governor Godwin Obaseki blames the federal government for the state of the country’s roads.

Obaseki stated that the Federal Government was not doing its job.

According to Obaseki, this is evidenced by the abundance of subpar federal highways around the state.

Obaseki, speaking to reporters in Benin City, lamented the poor condition of the federal roads that connect Uromi in Esan South East and Agbor in Delta State.

“I went to Esan land a few days ago and I passed through Uromi in Edo State to Agbor in Delta State and saw almost a thousand trailers stuck on that bad Federal Government road,” Obaseki said.

However, the drive from Igueben, Ujogba to Ugoneki in Edo State took a few minutes due to the state’s road conditions.

The current crisis is due to Central Government’s ineptitude. While Edo’s extensive road system should facilitate travel, it really hinders us.

The Federal Government highways in Edo link many different places around the country, although many are in poor condition.

A direct route between the western and eastern parts of Nigeria, or between the northern and southern parts, does not bypass the state of Edo.

That’s why despite the abundance of federal highways in the area, none of them are passable by car.

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