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Because of safety concerns, the Zamfara government has shut down livestock auctions

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Some livestock markets in five of Zamfara State’s local government areas have been ordered closed immediately.

This information was released in a statement by Commissioner of Information Mu’azu Mannir Hiadara.

Tsafe Local Government Area’s Danjibga and Kunchin Kalgo, Anka’s Bagega and Wuya livestock markets, Maru’s Dangulbi and Dansadau, Zurmi’s Dauran, and Bukkuyim Local Government Area’s Nasarawar Burkullu are all affected.

Due to the illegal sale and loading of rustled cattle by armed bandits, the State Security Council met and made the decision to temporarily close the markets in Gusau, the State capital.

In light of this new information, however, council members have issued a statement urging security authorities and the Directorate of Animal Health and Livestock Development to enforce the measures rigorously.

More importantly, it informed the public and the key stakeholders that its efforts to restore calm to the affected markets would be closely monitored and evaluated.

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