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Belgium’s Euro 2024 qualifying match against Sweden will not be rescheduled, according to UEFA

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Belgium’s Euro 2024 qualifying match against Sweden will not be rescheduled, as announced by UEFA.

After shots were fired in Brussels, the game was called off at halftime.

The score was tied at one when the game was called off for safety reasons.

UEFA has decided that the score at halftime will be “confirmed as final,” and that all teams will receive a point for their efforts.

Group F standings will be adjusted to reflect the awarding of one point to each team.

A single yellow card does not result in a suspension of driving privileges.

It was impossible to finish the match the next day, so the Executive Committee made the decision described above.

“Given the circumstances, both the Royal Belgian Football Association and the Swedish Football Association have declared their desire not to play the remainder of the match time and to regard the result at halftime (1-1) as final.

Since Belgium and Austria are already mathematically qualified to the UEFA EURO 2024 final competition, regardless of the outcome of this match, Group F is qualified.

In a statement, UEFA explained that the approaching international window in November, during which the competition’s preliminary group stage must be concluded, followed by the play-off draw and final tournament draw, is unavailable because of the schedule conflicts.

The terrorist incident resulted in the deaths of two Swedish fans and the serious injury of another before the attacker was shot dead by police in a cafe in the Schaerbeek neighborhood of Brussels.

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