Ben Bruce Blasts NLC Over Nationwide Strike Says Power Should Not Be Used To Settle Scores .uk

Ben Bruce Blasts NLC Over Nationwide Strike, Says Power Should Not Be Used To Settle Scores

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Ben Murray Bruce, a former senator from Bayelsa, has criticized the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) for their plan to shut down the country over a disagreement with the government of Imo State.

You may remember that the NLC, on Monday, threatened to initiate nationwide strikes beginning at midnight on Tuesday.

Trade Union Congress President Festus Osifo told reporters on Tuesday, November 13, that the strike would continue until “government at all levels wakes up to their responsibility.”

In a tweet late on Monday, Bruce criticized the union’s action and urged the Nigerian Labor Union to act in the national interest.

A statewide strike is not in Nigeria’s best interest right now because of an incident in one state that is already being addressed, he added. It could help you out in the short term, but it will hurt the country in the long run.

The use of authority for vengeance is unacceptable. Instead, it should be used to pave the way for further economic and democratic development on our shores. I call on the Nigerian Labour Congress to be logical, put the national interest first, and allow peace to reign.”


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