best countries to live in Europe

10 best countries to live in Europe in 2022

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Foreigners move to Europe for a number of reasons, such as stronger government backing, more lucrative job opportunities, higher salaries, and higher standards of living. Consider the fact that some nations might be better for you than others while formulating your migration plans. As a result, you should do a lot of studies to find out the best country to live in Europe
I’ll discuss the top best countries to live in Europe and work in, in this article. This will help you select the nation that best suits your requirements. The top 10 countries to live in Europe and work (or for other reasons) are listed here, in no particular order.
The nation you choose will rely on your preferences, such as whether you wish to work there or for any other number of factors.

10 best countries to live in Europe in 2022

The top places to live in Europe are listed below.
These nations rank first when it comes to providing their inhabitants and residents with the best possible quality of life, healthcare, and social, physical, and financial security.


best countries to live in Europe

• Iceland

Iceland is a Nordic nation that ranks in the top 20 for healthcare, education, and economic development and has a high GDP per capita. The safest location to live, according to the Global Peace Index report, is Iceland. Additionally, Iceland’s captivating natural beauty and breathtaking views draw in foreigners, particularly those from big cities.
You require a current visa in order to relocate to Iceland. For instance, if you have a job set up, you can apply for a work visa, or if you wish to move to Iceland with your partner who has Icelandic citizenship. But keep in mind that due to the weather and the reclusive temperament of the people, Iceland, like other Nordic countries, has been said to be harder to settle down.

  • Germany

Efficiency and punctuality come to mind when you think about Germany. Although this is surely a cliché, living and working in Germany will undoubtedly be very tidy and organized, with numerous benefits including clean public areas, clean parks, and an extremely organized bureaucracy.
Germany has one of the lowest rates of youth unemployment in Europe, which is partially attributable to the fact that it offers apprenticeship programs in addition to trade-specific education. The fact that EU nationals are also qualified for the same apprenticeships is fantastic news for families wishing to reside and work in Germany. Therefore, Germany can be the location for you if you have a child who wants to obtain work experience in addition to their formal education.

  • Ireland

Another popular European destination for Americans living abroad is Ireland, primarily due to the language. Ireland has many of the same benefits as other European nations and has one of the highest GDPs per capita, but unlike other nations, language is not a barrier, making integration easier.

  • Denmark

Denmark These are just a few of the explanations for why foreigners love Denmark so much.
Working in Denmark might surprise some people, especially given the flat organizational structure and informal work environment that the majority of Danish businesses embrace. Because Danes are so laid back in all parts of life, it is typical for managers and staff to call them by their first names. Additionally, choices made by Danish businesses are addressed in open forums with input from all employees

  •  Norland

Working families and professionals have a fantastic opportunity to balance their daily lives with seeing the splendor of Scandinavia by relocating to Norway. The nation also boasts woods that are home to a wide variety of species and the highest concentration of fjords in the entire globe, where you may go on a cruise. The lifestyle in Norway is also quite cosmopolitan, with a huge variety of cultures, a laid-back atmosphere, and various urban areas with a wide array of bars, clubs, and restaurants.
As Norway is the ninth-largest oil producer in the world and the third-largest gas producer in Europe, working there offers a variety of business prospects, especially in the oil and gas sector, where foreigners are typically employed in professional jobs. However, international employees are not exclusively drawn to the oil and gas business. Norway welcomes workers from all around the world with open arms. There are also several chances for foreigners in the information technology, telecommunications, engineering, and transportation industries. Despite this, finding the “ideal job” in Norway is difficult due to the nation’s excellent education system, which generates highly competent workers.

  • Portugal

Portugal is one of the easiest countries for ex-pats to settle down in because of its well-known welcoming attitude toward outsiders and abundance of social chances for cultural integration.
If you are traveling to Portugal without a visa, you can often stay for 90 days. Make use of this time to travel around the nation. After then, there are numerous chances to relocate to Portugal with retirement or long-term visas; for affluent ex-pats,

  •  Spain

Spain is an additional well-liked destination for ex-pats that is close to Portugal. It provides the same advantages as its neighbor, including a high standard of living, an excellent healthcare system, and reasonable costs. The North American Language and Cultural Assistant program allows American ex-pats to relocate to Spain fast. However, this program does not lead to permanent residency; in order to live permanently in Spain, participants must hold a valid work permit.

  • Luxembourg

This little European nation boasts one of the highest GDPs per capita and has consistently ranked as the second-wealthiest nation in the world. Because of this, Luxembourg is among the best countries in Europe to live and work, particularly given that more than 40% of the population is foreign. It boasts one of Europe’s highest earnings, a high standard of living, and fantastic opportunities for business technology and innovation. Luxembourg is a fantastic location for anyone wishing to travel across Europe because it is bordered by Germany, Belgium, and France, all of which are only a few hours away. Communication is generally not an issue in Luxembourg because there are three official languages and the majority of people speak English proficiently. For foreigners looking to benefit from Luxembourg’s low unemployment rate, low inflation, and steady growth, working there has long been a desirable option, especially for those with a university degree, a trade qualification, a specialized skillset, and a lot of work experience. The majority of ex-pats benefit from Luxembourg’s robust, high-tech-driven service sector, higher income levels than the rest of Europe, and the recently implemented 5-year tax exemption for foreign employees. With over 150 institutions and a sizable national and international workforce, Luxembourg’s financial sector is also rapidly growing.

  • Great Britain

The finest place in Europe for Americans to relocate in the UK. Americans find it simpler to adjust to their new nation, socialize, and absorb the culture and customs because there is no language barrier. In addition, the UK continues to be one of Europe’s most economically developed nations, providing a variety of employment, startup, and freelancing options in addition to social and health advantages.
If your job is moving you to the UK, one of the most popular methods to do so is using an intra-transfer company visa. However, there are also a number of choices for family visas, work visas, and investor visas for prospective investors in the UK.
The UK’s lone drawback is that, as a result of Brexit, it is no longer a member of the EU. As a result, its citizens no longer have access to the same rights as other EU members and have less flexibility to move around.

  • Finland

Finland consistently ranks high as the world’s happiest nation, so it should come as no surprise that many ex-pats are drawn to this Nordic nation. It is the perfect place for families to settle down because it provides social and economic security as well as one of the top educational systems in the world.
The language barrier as well as the dearth of social and recreational opportunities, according to many ex-pats in online forums, make Finland challenging to adapt to. Finland might not be the best destination for you if you are a social person who enjoys an active lifestyle, especially if you don’t like the cold.

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There are many places to select from when migrating to Europe, but you shouldn’t base your decision entirely on meaningless factors like a pleasant climate or a region’s renowned cuisine.
You should keep in mind that the reality of the country needs to match your goals and circumstances while choosing the greatest European country in which to live.



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FAQs best countries to live in Europe 2022

1. Is Living in Europe a Good Idea?

Yes, people believe that Europe is an excellent location to live. Europe has generally been a calm country, even if there have been many battles there, especially in the Western section of the continent. Europe is also among the most developed regions of the globe. As a result, many individuals in Europe have access to basic necessities. Additionally, Europe offers a lot of social assistance. As a result, everyone will have access to the resources they need to survive, even those who are regarded as poor. People travel to Europe every year from all over the world due to its robust economies and population.

2. Is the UK regarded as a member of the European Union?

Yes, the UK continues to be seen as being in Europe. The United Kingdom is still regarded as being a part of Europe even though it exited the European Union a few years ago. Travel from the United Kingdom, particularly England, to Europe is still quite simple, and vice versa. In addition, France and other European nations are located directly over the English Channel from the United Kingdom. As a result, the United Kingdom continues to be crucial in European affairs. The United Kingdom is still a member of Europe even though many of its citizens may not consider themselves to be Europeans.

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3. Which European nation offers the best quality of life?

This is a personal question, as everyone’s living circumstances are unique. As a result, the ideal country for one person to reside in can not be the same ideal country for another. Because of its excellent healthcare system, the National Health Service, or NHS, many individuals prefer to reside in the United Kingdom. Some people might not like the cold weather, but there are others who prefer living in Scandinavian nations due to the strong social networks. People who appreciate good meals and learning about history would enjoy living in a nation like France or Italy. Every nation in Europe has advantages and disadvantages.

2. Which Area in Europe Is Best?

Additionally, a lot of individuals are interested in which part of Europe is superior. Generally speaking, the country develops more as you move from east to west. The Warsaw Pact and former Soviet Union members of Western Europe are less developed than some of the other nations in the region. This indicates that industrialized nations like France, England, and Germany are superior to developing nations like Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. However, these nations are still stunning destinations to visit, and a lot of people enjoy their lives there. People must respond to this question subjectively based on their own unique circumstances.

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