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Between Casemiro and Busquets, Vidal says the best player is the one who “controls tempo

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Arturo Vidal, a former midfielder for Barcelona, thinks Sergio Busquets of Inter Miami is better than Casemiro of Manchester United.

In the previous ten years, two of the top holding midfielders have been Busquets and Casemiro.

El Clasico rivals Barcelona and Real Madrid have both benefitted from the duo’s talents.

Casemiro played 336 games for Real Madrid and scored 31 goals and dished out 29 assists, whereas Busquets appeared in 722 games for Barcelona in all competitions, scoring 18.

Vidal, when asked (via Barca Universal) which of the two legendary midfielders he favors, responded:

The “pivot” on any team is the player who sets the pace, possesses the most skill, and distributes the ball.

That’s why I like Busquets to Casemiro: “He doesn’t do any of that.”

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