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Canada Tourist Visa: Online Visa Application and Document Requirements

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The country of Canada is renowned for being the one that welcomes immigrants the most. Traveling to various natural wonders, historical landmarks, and varied cultures is lovely.

While most immigrants successfully obtain a Canada tourist visa, many applications are turned down because of incomplete paperwork and inadequate or inaccurate supporting evidence.

Read on to learn everything you need to know to obtain a Canada tourist visa.

For the following reasons, you may need a tourist visa: To: Enjoy yourself and travel; Visit relatives and friends;

Canada Tourist Visa

Document Required for Online Canada Tourist Visa Application

Below are the lists of the documents required:

        1. Passport

 You must have a valid passport and other necessary travel documentation. When applying for a Canada tourist visa, you must submit two photocopies of your passport’s information page.

The following information should be included on the photocopies:

  • Passport number
  • Personal information (including photo, name, date of birth, and place of birth).

        2. Pictures

When you apply for a Canada tourist visa, you must submit a minimum of two passport-size pictures.

      3. Evidence of funding

You must provide documentation demonstrating your ability to support the family throughout your stay or vacation in Canada. You need to provide the following paperwork as evidence of funds:

        • Bank records

  •  A letter from your employer attesting to your yearly salary
  • Documentation of financial help from friends and relatives to pay for your stay
  • Income verification for your Canadian host throughout your visit
  • Additional financial evidence such as property, PPFs, shares, and FDs
  • Tax filing records from the previous three years

      4. Cover letter

You should submit a cover letter or declaration to them outlining why the Canadian government should grant you a tourist visa.

     5. An invitation letter

You must send a letter of invitation you received from your relatives or friends if you visit them.

     6. The visa application form and additional paperwork

This visa application must be downloaded from the IRCC website. Then deliver all of the paperwork (pictures, fee receipts, passport copies, and other documents)

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     7. A travel schedule

It would be best if you had a detailed itinerary of your vacation, including air travel to and from each destination. Mention the locations you’ll be visiting. Additionally, a thorough explanation of the travel routes you’ll take while in Canada.

     8. Articles of Association and other papers

Self-employed applicants should provide their Memorandum of Association, a crucial corporate document.

      9. Proof Documents

You must persuade the visa officers that you do not intend to remain in Canada.

The following papers are necessary:

o Employment documentation: Details of the employment contract, including your job title within the organization and the anticipated return date for employment, which states that you are their permanent employee.
o Lease and property dealing documentation: These papers attest to your intention to return home after your stay.


Note: ID cards are required for students, and retired applicants must present those documents in addition to the ones listed above to obtain a tourist visa.

   How to Apply for a Tourist Visa for Canada from India

What Documents are Necessary for a Tourist Visa to Canada?

You only need a small number of documents to apply for a visa to Canada online. However, as soon as you know your vacation plans, you must begin collecting all the necessary paperwork. You’ll need many documents, including the following:

• Visa application for Canada (IMM5257)

• A letter outlining the purpose of the trip • A valid passport and copies of the front and back of the passport • Copies of your old passport and copies of entry/exit stamps • Passport-sized digital photos • Proof of financial support, such as bank statements and proof of bank account • Travel itinerary, including proof of lodging, flight tickets, or an event you will be visiting • Proof of covid vaccination • An electronic or paper ArriveCAN receipt upon arrival

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How Long it Takes to Process a Canadian Visa

How to Extend Your Stay as a Visitor in Canada 

    How to apply online for a Canadian tourist visa in steps

It may initially seem challenging to submit an online application for a tourist visa to Canada. However, if you follow the instructions in this post, you should be able to finish it quickly.


Step 1: Fill out the application for a tourist visa to Canada

Step 2: Gather the necessary paperwork

Step 3: Make an appointment for biometrics

Step 4: Attend the appointment

Step 5: Submit your original passport.

Step 6: Order shipping labels.

    Funds Required for a Tourist Visa to Canada

For monthly expenses, a resident in Canada needs 1,230 CAD (about INR 75,525 per month), and a visitor to Canada on vacation only needs 2,000 CAD (around INR 1,22,805 per person) for 30 days.

The visa fees are in addition to this sum.

    Processing Period for a Tourist Visa for Canada

    Visa processing typically takes 10 to 15 business days.

This period excludes the following:

• When to provide biometrics

• Sending an application to the visa office from VAC. Keep in mind that visitor visas are non-immigrant visas.


If you intend to apply for a tourist visa to Canada, ensure you correctly submit all the necessary paperwork.

The required paperwork includes a passport, photos, proof of finances, a cover letter, an invitation, a visa application form and other paperwork, a travel itinerary, a memorandum of association and other paperwork, and papers of proof.



  • Can someone with visiting visa work?

When you have a visiting visa stamped in your passport, you are not permitted to engage in any commercial activity that will allow you to enter the labor force or work.

  • How can you demonstrate that you will leave Canada?

In addition to presenting your passport as proof of citizenship, you must offer further documentation. The evidence may include: Evidence that you have relatives in your home country who you must provide financial support; Evidence that you will not study or work in Canada; Evidence that you have no criminal history. You must provide each of these proofs with your visa application.

  • Can I apply for a Canadian visa without an invitation letter?

A visiting visa application does not need to include an invitation letter. It is additional evidence to support your claim and show the immigration officer that you are traveling to Canada to see family and friends or because                Canadian individuals encouraged you to do so.

  • How long is a tourist visa good for?

Anyone with a visit visa stamped in their passport can stay in Canada for up to 6 months. The country must be left before the permit expires.

  • Electronic travel authorization (eTA) is required by whom?

Those who would be flying to Canada from a nation where a visa is not needed must have an eTA, a travel document or notify the Canada Visa Application Center before their flight.

  • What is prohibited by a visit visa?

If you possess visitation permission, you are not permitted to:

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You are not permitted to study in Canada if you have a visiting visa and choose to apply for a student visa by obtaining a study permit there. You are also not permitted to work in Canada without a work permit issued by the nation’s government.


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