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Cancer risk increases for middle-aged women – Expert

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According to Dr. Kanu Ekpo, an authority on cancer, the majority of female cancer cases occur between the ages of nine and forty-five.

He also said that sexually active people over 45 should start thinking about taking precautions against cervical and breast cancer.

He noted that certain subtypes of cancer were more prevalent in females.

He made the remarks at the Nigeria Union of Pensioners, Calabar Chapter, Women’s Wing’s medical outreach and Cancer Awareness Campaign.

Since they are now diagnosing four new cases of cancer per week, Ekpo claims that awareness of breast and cervical malignancies has accelerated greatly.

Cancer is on the rise, so it’s important for women to check their breasts often and be vaccinated against HPV to reduce their risk of developing cervical cancer.

We also recommend that all sexually active women over the age of 45 get a pap screening every three years to look for cervix cell abnormalities. The best and cheapest solution is prevention, he said.

Ekpo advised women to get the HPV vaccine, limit the number of sexual partners they have, abstain from alcohol and tobacco use, and avoid using hormonal contraceptives.

The specialist stressed the importance of early detection and reporting of cancer so that it can be treated.

Mrs. Mary Koofrey, Chairperson of the National Union of Progressives’ Women’s Wing, expressed appreciation for the information provided and agreed that cancer was a terrible disease.

Some individuals still attribute cancer to evil spirits, but I’m confident that once they meet with specialists in the field, their minds will be changed. “They will know the first things to do,” she remarked.

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Mrs. Otang Isien, a retired NUP Chief Matron and cancer survivor, claimed that before consulting with specialists, she felt “condemned to death” and had almost given up hope.

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