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Carragher: Arsenal’s focus on winning the title is too intense compared to that of Manchester City

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In his opinion, Arsenal are acting “too intense” this season in their pursuit of a title challenge against Manchester City, an opinion shared by former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher.

After 248 consecutive days atop the Premier League standings, the Gunners were surpassed by City, who went on to win the championship by five points.

Mikel Arteta’s team has won four of their first six games this season, but they are still four points behind City because of two draws at the Emirates against Fulham and Tottenham.

Since there is still a significant amount of the season to go, Carragher believes Arsenal has ratcheted up the pressure too early.

For example, Carragher mentioned on the Stick to Football podcast, “I noticed in the Community Shield – and something stuck with me and I said that I felt like I was watching Arsenal in the run in and it’s only the start of the season with the celebrations, or it feels like every game is going to the wire.”

After twenty minutes, I recall (Mikel) Arteta acting irrationally at the referee for failing to book a City player. I’m aware of the strong competition, but I was worried it would be too much for the spotlight. Ten more months of this await you!

With Arsenal, I think it’s that much of losing out last season, and they’re that intense now, because they were in such a terrific position last season — and they’re not going to be in that situation again in terms of winning like 50 points out of the first 57 or something mad.

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