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Chinwetalu Agu: “I turned down N10 million for a movie role.”

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Chinwetalu Agu, a veteran of the Nigerian film industry, has spoken about declining a N10 million offer from Nigerian business tycoon Mike Adenuga.

He claimed that the millionaire businessman offered him N1 million, but that he refused and instead demanded N20 million.

The iconic actor claimed that Adenuga paid him the N20 million as a compromise after he threatened to leave.

In a conversation with well-known media figure Chude Jideonwo, Agu made the revelation.

According to him, “Chief Mike Adenuga remarked, ‘all I have for you in this deal is N10 million.’ When he tried to charge me N10 million, I had never seen so much money before. If it wasn’t at least N20 million, I told them to shove it.

I insisted, and so did he. I acted like I was going to stand up and asked for money to get me back to Enugu. Just discreetly return me to where I came from if there are any flights left.

When I stood up, they took me seriously. Sit down, Chief Mike Adenuga commanded. He demanded that they bring papers for him to sign. What they brought, I signed for.

The uhuru dance officially began at that instant. In the workplace, I handled it diplomatically. N20 million wasn’t something I wanted them to know was significant to me. However, at the time, it seemed miraculous.

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