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Christian Eriksen singles out components After losing to Galatasaray, Man U. needs to get better

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After Tuesday’s 3-2 loss to Galatasaray at Old Trafford in the UEFA Champions League, Manchester United midfielder Christian Eriksen has pinpointed the areas in which his team can make strides.

A’very quiet’ Manchester United locker room was described by Eriksen after their home loss to Galatasaray.

The Danish international was quoted as saying, “It’s a big disappointment,” in a postgame interview.

The locker room was eerily silent. I thought we played well at times, but ultimately, when we went ahead, we conceded quickly after, and that made it very tough to come back from.

That’s something we need to alter immediately. Confidence isn’t what we need to maintain our form; rather, I believe it’s heightened self-awareness and mental acuity.

You shouldn’t throw away a two-goal lead, but we’ve done just that in past games this year.

When asked what was holding them back, he said, “I don’t think it’s confidence, I think it’s sharpness and wrong decisions at the wrong times and a bit of bad luck following us around at the moment.”

Man United will now focus on the Premier League, where they will host Brentford this coming Saturday.

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