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Commissioner: 20,000 females in Yobe don’t continue their education through the ninth grade because they’re afraid of being abused

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According to Muhammad Sani Idriss, Yobe State’s Commissioner for Basic and Secondary Education, some 20,000 girls each year are prevented from continuing their education past junior secondary schools due to parental fears about potential abuse.

While discussing the Yobe State Government’s proposal to open eight new girls’ day senior secondary schools to encourage girl child education, Commissioner Idriss made the announcement.

He affirmed that classes have begun at these institutions despite the lack of finished buildings.

“Every year, roughly 20,000 girls drop out of school before completing high school because their families are too worried about the safety of sending them to a far-off university. He continued, “Therefore, these educational institutions will tackle this issue.

Engr. MAK Abubakar, chairman of the Yobe State Education Trust Fund (YETFund), also commented on the new situation. He stressed that the proposal would reduce the prevalence of abuse in boarding schools by increasing the number of girls who attend secondary schools and easing overcrowding in current institutions.

The Chairman of YETFund mentioned that the organization had supplied necessary tools to 14 other schools built during the Buni administration. There are seven Mega Schools, each with 30 classrooms and a maximum enrollment of 1,200 students, and seven regular schools, each with a maximum enrollment of 800. Governor Buni has proposed funding for the construction of 22 new schools and the refurbishment of another 50.

“We may also need to launch a critical training program to boost the competence of teachers, encouraging them to view teaching as a fulfilling career,” he said.

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