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Conflict between Israel and Hamas causes European Union to halt Palestinian development aid

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European Commissioner Olivér Várhelyi posted on X on Monday that the EU had frozen all development funding to the Palestinians in the wake of Hamas’ attack on Israel.

Várhelyi stated that 728.6 million dollars (or 691 million euros) in humanitarian initiatives were being evaluated.

The level of violence and terror against Israel and its people has reached a critical stage. He emphasized that “business as usual” was not an option.

We must now address the underlying conditions that make peace, tolerance, and coexistence possible. Too many people’s brains have been tainted by incitement to hatred, violence, and glorification of terror.

Prior to her current position as EU Commissioner, Ursula von der Leyen had stated that the European Union and its member states were the major donors to the Palestinian people.

According to a statement, between 2021 and 2024, the bloc intends to provide 1.18 billion Euros in help to the Palestinian people.

On Tuesday, EU foreign ministers will gather for an emergency meeting to examine the situation.

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