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Consequently, South Africans are being forced to take shorter showers (2 minutes) and flush their toilets less frequently

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Johannesburg, South Africa, is suffering from a severe lack of water. Water providers are now advising locals to cut down on their shower time to two minutes, hold off on flushing the toilet after short phone calls, and save car washing for the weekends.

The water supply providers have expressed concern that the severe drought may “cause the system to collapse.”

On Sunday, Rand Water and Johannesburg Water warned that residents’ heavy use of water “is putting a strain on the system,” leading to dangerously low reservoir levels.

Companies have requested that locals take shorter showers (no more than two minutes), only flush toilets after lengthy phone calls, and only use buckets to wash cars on weekends in order to conserve water.

Until the water shortage is over, businesses have also encouraged locals to cease watering their lawns and gardens with potable water and to report any leaks they see.

Water restrictions are in effect in Johannesburg as they are every year during the dry season in South Africa (September to March).

Some city residents and businesses, including hospitals, have been without water for weeks, leading to widespread anger.

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