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Cross River road’s deteriorating condition is criticized by legislators and a commissioner

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Engr. Francis Ogban, who represents the Biase State Constituency in the Cross River State House of Assembly, has spoken out against the poor condition of the Adim/Abayong/Ebom road, which spans 12.5 kilometers.

He used the word “heart-rending” to characterize the plight of those living along the road that connects settlements in the Biase and Abi local government regions.

The state commissioner for Youth Development, Barrister Odum-Ijom Ukam, and the Chairman of the Cross River State House of Assembly Committee on Works and Infrastructure, Ogban, visited the road on Thursday to conduct an on-site evaluation.

It has been stated that the bad condition of the road has resulted in the loss of several lives in the villages and has impeded the flow of goods and services.

Ogban stated that the residents’ main worry has been the road.

When asked about his research findings, Ogban told the press, “They were depressing. The road is in terrible shape, with puddles of mud and several major washed-out areas. As a result, farmers have had a much harder time getting their yam, cassava, rice, and other crops to market.

The lawmaker has pledged to work closely with the appropriate government authorities and interested parties to secure the funding required to build roads in the impacted areas.

Even the youth commissioner, Barr. Odum-Ijom Ukam, had something to say about the road’s condition: “The impact of the very poor road has limited access to markets, resulting in losses of economic opportunities for the state.”

He claims that the situation has had a devastating impact on locals’ ability to make a living and the community’s economic growth.

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