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Delta parents are upset about the recent fee and textbook price increases and have appealed to Governor Oborevwori for help

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College of Education Warri, COEWA Nursery & Primary School parents and guardians have criticized the school’s decision to raise tuition and textbook prices.

At the time this story was made, children had also joined the protest with their parents or guardians outside the school entrance.

The parents complained about the exorbitant price hikes for children’s publications.

Parents in Delta State, Nigeria’s Delta State, have threatened to pull their children out of school unless something is done by the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP government, led by Governor Sheriff Oborevwori.

Parent Tonukarin Dabona told BANKPAWA that the COEWA Nursery &Primary School raised the cost of his children’s books from 29,500 to 52,000. He claims that the school now requires that all students purchase these books and pay this fee.

Dabona, noting that the parents had assembled to protest the increase, warned that they would not allow their children to return to school if the school’s authorities did not reverse the spike in the pricing of books.

He requested that Oborevwori, the Governor, take action.

Mr. Preye Suowari, a parent with three school-aged children, told DAILY POST that parents are upset about the increase.

“Parents have gathered here to protest the recent increases in tuition and textbook costs imposed by the COEWA Nursery and Primary School’s administration.”

He pointed out that the school was charging inflated fees for books that were clearly not brand new. To clarify, “they’re copies bound via photocopies for parents,” he said.

According to Suowari, the “outrageous” prices at which the books are being offered to parents are the most frustrating aspect of the situation.

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He pleaded with the Governor to change the policy so that parents wouldn’t have to buy books for their kids at the COEWA Nursery & Primary School, but rather anyplace in the state.

Parents are crying,” Suowari remarked. We’re losing our parents at an alarming rate.

Other parents who said they paid their children’s tuition wanted a refund so they could send their kids to private schools in the Warri area.

If the school does not return their money, they have vowed to take legal action.

Dr. Oyovwi, Provost of the College of Education at Warri (COEWA), could not be reached for comment before to publication of this story.

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