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Dino Melaye has made a promise that Kogi Guber will fulfill by building hotels on water

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On Thursday, Dino Melaye, the candidate for governor of Kogi State on the ticket of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), made the pledge that if he is elected as governor, he will transform the state into a destination for tourists.

In order to get international investors to put their money into the state, he made a campaign promise to build three-star hotels on water.

During the PDP’s massive rally in Lokoja, the party’s candidate for governor made the vow, adding, “We are going to make Kogi State a tourist attraction.” We are going to encourage water-based tourism and will seek cooperation from businesses and organizations located all over the world to provide the necessary infrastructure.

“We will develop hotels on water that have three stars and hotels that have five stars, and this will attract investors from all over the world.

Melaye has further said that, should he be elected, he will work to ensure that the state is home to some of the finest educational institutions in the entire world.

“We are going to have the most prestigious educational institutions in the world. We will expand our education and rethink the way we approach teaching, as well as think creatively outside the box.

Because ideas are what run the world today, he continued, “Information and Communications Technology and Technology will be produced to all schools in Kogi State.”

Additionally, he guaranteed that all of the civil servants who had lost their jobs under the governorship of Yahaya Bello would get them back.

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“I want to make an announcement to the people of Kogi that every civil servant that has been unjustly sacked by Yahaya Bello within three months of my taking office will be reinstated,” I said. “I want to thank you for your service to the people of Kogi.”

While assuring that the independence of the local administrations would be protected, he stated,

“I also want to reassure you that we will give the people control over the administration of their local governments,” I will say. Today, if the money for your local government is coming from Abuja, there is a tollgate in Lokoja; once you pass it, 75% of the money will be taken away, and the remaining 25% will be returned back home.

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