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Drugs Valuable at N800BN Seized by NDLEA

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The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), which has seized 7,590 tons of illegal drugs and chemicals valued at more than N800 billion, has apprehended 42,105 drug offenders nationwide in just three years.

While visiting the NDLEA headquarters in Abuja on Monday, Chief of Defense Staff Gen. Christopher Musa was informed of this by NDLEA Chairman and CEO, Brig. Gen. Mohamed Buba Marwa (retd).

Crimes including terrorism, kidnapping, and insurrection, according to Marwa, are associated with illegal narcotics.

“The NDLEA has been extremely fierce and aggressive in denying the criminals access to illicit substances because they all rely on drugs before carrying out their nefarious activities,” he continued.

He further claims that during that time, the NDLEA successfully prosecuted 8,350 criminals and destroyed 1,057 hectares of cannabis cultivation.

Within the same time frame, 29,400 individuals who used drugs have received counseling and rehabilitation, he said.

About forty-six barons are among the 42,105 drug offenders apprehended in the past three years. In an interview with General Musa, Marwa said that their seizure of 7.590 metric tons of narcotics—worth around N800 billion—had been made.

In maintaining national security and providing constant support to NDLEA, he lauded the military forces for their hard work, devotion, sacrifice, courage, and patriotism.

According to him, this fell under the category of training agency personnel and weapons and ammunition.

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