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Effective compliance with anti-grazing law is assured by Delta Assembly

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To enforce the anti-grazing law, the Delta State House of Assembly has promised to work with the executive branch.

Even though the anti-grazing bill has been in the works for three years, the assembly is still worried that herders will continue to graze their cattle in the open.

A meeting of stakeholders has been called at the state assembly complex to discuss this matter and find a solution. This action is in accordance with the house’s oversight powers and was taken by the assembly committee on legislative compliance.

Under the leadership of Deputy Speaker Hon. Arthur Akpowowo, the Committee has voiced its dismay at the freedom with which those who flout the Anti-Open Grazing Law are operating and has pledged to work with the executive branch to bring those responsible to justice.

In a meeting that was attended by state security agencies and members of the Delta State Livestock Management Committee, lawmakers brought attention to the tragic trend of herdsmen brutally attacking and harming innocent farmers and people.

Despite the state’s legislation prohibiting open grazing, the terrible scenario has persisted, according to the Committee Chairman and Deputy Speaker of the House.

The state legislature is determined to enforce the open grazing law and all other regulations established by the assembly, according to Akpowowo, who spoke with journalists shortly after the meeting and expressed his evident dissatisfaction with the situation.

The speaker reminded the audience that a farmer’s death had been reported in the Uwheru community in the Ughelli North Local Government Area of the state approximately two weeks earlier. Additionally, herders attacked and killed several farmers in my constituency of Abraka last year.

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The tale is the same all around Delta State. It seems like every week brings a new sad tale about the herders in the state. This can’t go on, particularly because the state already has a statute against open grazing. It is important to follow the legislation precisely as written, Akpowowo remarked.

The problem of food shortages will continue, according to the Deputy Speaker and Chairman of the House Committee on Legislative Compliance, unless the state and the nation do anything about the destructive practices of herders.

Akpowowo disclosed that the committee has directed the state’s security agencies to aggressively seek out, detain, and prosecute lawbreakers, emphasizing that no one should be shielded from legal accountability.

To discourage lawlessness, he said the House would be happy to see lawbreakers punished.

In its pursuit of a long-term resolution to the problems caused by herders in the state, the Committee will shortly host another meeting, which the Deputy Speaker said will include other important parties.

Members of the committee also include the following: Bernerd Odior, who serves as majority whip; Perkins Umukoro, who is chief whip; Festus Okoh, who is deputy majority leader; and Hon. Pereotu Oloye, who is a lawmaker for the Burutu 2 district.

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