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Emmanuel Petit criticizes two players for joining Chelsea solely for financial gain

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Emmanuel Petit, a former player for Chelsea, has criticized the club’s two summer acquisitions, Moises Caicedo and Romeo Lavia, alleging that their main motivation for joining the Blues was financial.

Caicedo and Lavia, according to Petit, ought to have joined Liverpool rather than Chelsea.

Lavia and Caicedo recently garnered media attention with their pricey transfers to Chelsea, which cost £55 million and £115 million, respectively.

Their selections have drawn criticism, particularly in light of the fact that Liverpool, who will compete in European championships, also signed them.

Similar to Romeo Lavia, Caicedo joined Chelsea while being connected to Liverpool, according to Petit, speaking to BettingSites (via FourFourTwo).

We all know why they went to Chelsea, so I won’t say anything dumb. Going to Liverpool would be the wisest choice right now in terms of sports.

“If I were Caicedo or Lavia, I would choose Liverpool over Chelsea because I don’t see a clear strategy for what is happening there.

“What? 35 players? Let’s go. How many players are necessary? It will be a nightmare, precisely like what occurred the previous season.

“For me, the answer is very simple,” he continued. Simply said, money was the driving factor in Caicedo and Lavia’s decision to travel. For both clubs and players, money speaks.

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