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Exams to promote 354 Warrant Officers to the rank of Master begin in the Army

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To fill 354 open Army Warrant Officer (AWO) positions, the Nigerian Army has started a two-week promotion examination program.

Speaking to the 354 contestants, Army Chief of Personnel Management Major General Yakubu Yahaya strongly discouraged the use of PEDs.

On Wednesday, he addressed an audience at the Ihejirika Auditorium in Jaji Military Cantonment, Kaduna State.

Yahaya added that the candidates should ignore the implication that they require a godfather to be promoted to AWO.

He reassured everyone that this was not a life-or-death situation and urged them to keep their cool during the test.

Let me congratulate all of you candidates on your nomination to be among this year’s group of Master Warrant Officers up for promotion to the rank of AWO, the highest rank attainable in the enlisted cadre of the Nigerian Army,” he said.

This highlights the importance of you all giving your best effort to prove you deserve the promotion.

There will be a medical and physical check as part of this procedure to ensure your fitness for selection.

Physical activities, a written exam, and an interview will all play a role in assessing your readiness for the military.

To the extent that it is relevant to your position as general tasks personnel or clerk, you will also be required to participate in computer training drills. I trust that everyone here has done their part to get themselves ready for the drill.

I must stress again that complete and total discipline is demanded of you at all times. Even though you’ll be fighting with one another for the open promotion positions, remember that this isn’t a life-or-death situation and act accordingly.

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The same holds true for the physical fitness test itself: “You must ensure you take care of your personal health and avoid the use of any performance enhancement drugs.”

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