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Explaining Tinubu’s decision to replace CBN’s top leadership – Aide

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The new management team for the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) was appointed to rejigger the bank and bring it back to life so that it can fulfill its duties, according to Sen. Abdullahi Gumel, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Matters of the National Assembly (Senate).

This was announced by Gumel in an Abuja statement on Wednesday.

He claims that President Bola Tinubu’s nomination of the team is an attempt to save the country’s economy from its current difficulties.

The CBN’s reputation was severely damaged, but now “this team that has come on board is a rescue team,” Gumel added.

They have arrived to save face for the CBN.

The ECOWAS region and the African Union (AU) are among those waiting for the new CBN leadership to take effect.

They are waiting for the Nigerian economy to recover before they can feel safe and content again.

The Senate’s confirmation of Mr. Olayemi Cardoso as CBN Governor and his team on the first day of its session following recess was another accomplishment praised by Gumel.

Strong questions concerning the economy were asked, and that contributed to a successful screening.

He stated that the MPs’ conversations with the CBN’s governor and deputy governors reflected the public’s opinion of the central bank.

Gumel was hopeful that the Senate would review and confirm further presidential nominations in the near future.

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