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FCT: Wike orders the razing of an Abuja squatters’ colony

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The squatters’ colony along the road corridor spanning the Mabushi, Jahi, and Kado Districts will be demolished at the direction of Mr. Nyesom Wike, Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

The governor issued the directive on Tuesday during a visit to the Mabushi District of Abuja (formally referred to as “Road N12”) in the Federal Capital Territory.

He said the colony in Mabushi District, just behind the Minister’s Quarters, posed a “threat” to the safety of the city.

Scavengers, sometimes known as “Baban Bola,” including mechanics and furniture makers, had taken over the region.

The minister, who was accompanied by a group of security officers and high-ranking officials from the FCT Administration, said that measures would be taken to clean up the city.

Wike promised that the FCT will be a place free of criminal hangouts.

He also noted that the indigenous FCT residents had planted a large number of cashew plants for financial gain.

Wike cautioned against putting trees of that kind in areas designated for construction by the government.

He claims the government will not compensate tree owners.

Wike gave orders for the area to be cleared and a road scope to be taken by the Development Control Department and the Federal Capital Development Authority.

You shouldn’t pay them anything. Communities shouldn’t bother growing trees here because it’s used as a hideout by criminals.

When locals learn that the government plans to build a new road through their area, they often come to provide compensation in the form of agricultural planting. We will not be offering any sort of reimbursement.

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The Development Control agency needs to clean up this region and remove all the undesirables.

When situations like this happen, people commit crimes and then quickly flee to FCT, causing residents and visitors alike to conclude that the area is not secure.

“Advance warning is not an issue. Nothing is being said. Now is the time to clear the space by chasing them away, he instructed.

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