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FCTA denies allegations of widespread demolition in Abuja

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The Federal Capital Territory Administration, or FCTA, has rejected the new FCT Minister Ezenwo Nyesom Wike’s clearance of widespread destruction in Abuja.

According to recent media sources, 6,000 homes would be destroyed in 30 Abuja communities.

In a statement released on Wednesday in response to reports, FCTA spokesperson Anthony Ogunleye stated that “these stories are entirely false and without any basis in reality.”

“For the avoidance of doubt, the Minister did not list the areas or the number of illegal houses to be removed in any of his pronouncements; rather, his emphasis has always been that illegal settlements and structures would be removed for the benefit of the general public,” Ogunleye stated.

“It’s vital to keep in mind that the growth and upkeep of the FCT are governed by carefully developed legislation and regulations, with an emphasis on preserving people’ rights and promoting sustainable urban growth. Any choices that are made in this area are founded on thorough analyses, community input, and adherence to the law.

All inhabitants were further reassured by Ogunleye of the minister’s commitment to raising the standard of living in the FCT.

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