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Feeling accomplished in the kitchen is a source of great pride for me – Wike

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Nyesom Wike, Minister of the FCT, has explained why he prefers to prepare his own meals.

The ex-governor of Rivers State is quite pleased with his accomplishments in the kitchen.

On Thursday, during an interview with the media, the minister proclaimed, “I feel proud I can cook and I am happy when I eat it.” I’ve reached my goal.

In a video that went viral a few days ago, the ex-governor of Rivers was seen preparing a meal for President Bola Tinubu’s Chief of Staff, Femi Gbajabiamila, and other visitors at his home in Abuja.

Wike was interviewed about the popular video and his culinary abilities.

“What’s on the stove? He asked, “So when I get hungry I should just go ahead and call the chef?”

But then he offered his own unique take on things, explaining how his upbringing had instilled in him a feeling of domestic duty.

He claims that he grew up in a household where everyone chipped in to do chores like chopping pepper and pounding okra.

Some of us were raised with the expectation that if Mom is in the kitchen, we should be there, too. You make sure the pepper is ground, then you pound the okra,” Wike instructed.

While some may view cooking as a waste of time, the minister said he finds it to be both interesting and emotionally rewarding.

When his wife returned from the United States after giving birth to their first kid, he told the story of his experience in the kitchen.

While it may seem pointless to others, I find it to be quite fascinating. When my wife had our first kid in the United States, I made Okro and Okazi soup to celebrate the arrival of my first son.

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He thinks that people should create their own meals rather than relying on prepackaged foods, whose quality and ingredients are unknown.

Wike said he would rather eat something he cooked himself than compromise his ideals for financial gain.

If you don’t understand the scale of Maggi or this, don’t eat it just because someone is trying to make money off of you. He firmly stated, “I don’t do that.”

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