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FG pledges to reduce poverty caused by natural disasters

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The federal government has pledged to take the necessary measures to reduce disaster-related poverty.

The government has pledged to enact legislation that both encourages and punishes residents for their impact on the environment.

The Minister of State for Environment, Dr. Ishaq Salako, spoke to the Ogun State Chapter of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR) this past weekend in Abuja about the environmental challenges that Nigeria is facing. These include desertification, desert encroachment, land degradation, gully erosion, and others.

To paraphrase what he stated, “I read in the paper that if we do not take right actions in the country, in the next seven years or so, Nigeria will become one of the top ten nations in disaster-driven poverty.”

He stated the NIPR’s role is to educate the public about proper trash disposal and the associated costs.

He proclaimed, “No one believes you pay for garbage pickup. We must make people aware that improper trash disposal will cost them and others money in the long run.

We also think that paying attention to the way you use the environment and working toward a more sustainable future should be considered mandatory civic duties on par with things like paying taxes.

It’s not like you’d go to jail if you break the rules, but you could get fined. Putting the environment to good use might earn you rewards as well.

He continued, “Our vision is to carve out this kind of encouragement using laws, using regulations to ensure that people take the issue of environment very seriously, and to know that it is their civic responsibility that the environment is well taken care of.”

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Mrs. Oluwaseun Boye, chairperson of the NIPR’s Ogun State chapter, has previously pledged to promote the Ministry of Environment’s initiatives using the organization’s resources.

It would be in the media,” Boye remarked, “and the ministry’s operations would be projected.” We’re eager to work with you, eager to help you advance, and eager to see your tenure through to a happy conclusion.

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