Fish vendor 22Youve reneged on all your promises and caused us so much pain.22 Sanwo Olu Tinubu .uk

Fish vendor: “You’ve reneged on all your promises and caused us so much pain.” Sanwo-Olu Tinubu

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An unnamed fish vendor in Lagos State’s Oyingbo market has complained about the tough economy since Bola Ahmed Tinubu became president.

A video of an elderly woman griping about the rising cost of fish and her inability to afford to send her children to school has become popular online, according to reports.

The woman claimed that President Tinubu and Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu were to blame for the suffering of Nigerians and Lagosians and that things would be better now if the Igbos who ran in the election had prevailed.

She then continued in Yoruba:

We beg the government: aid us. You told us to vote for you, and now that we have, you have to put up with us.

What used to cost us N30,000 per kilogram of fish now costs us N70,000. Kote fish that were N15,000 are now N40,000. Have mercy on us, please.

“We need to eat. Don’t put us in this terrible position. We are without the means to eat or even leave the house.

“This is the fish we sell to train our children. No longer are we in a position to put our children through school. No more food is allowed in this house.

Everyone is suffering during this time. Just spare us the misery. It’s too dangerous to go out now. We can’t trade things or buy food since we have no money. Have mercy on us, Tinubu. Please have mercy on us, Sanwo-Olu, and the state government of Lagos.

“You have our vote. What you’re doing to us is unacceptable. All your assurances have been broken.

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You have brought us unimaginable suffering. You have disappointed us greatly.

You have forced us to cease selling fish, which we do to make ends meet and send our children to school. Have compassion on us and look at us kindly. Pity on us, please. You are making us feel terrible.

We want to know why you wouldn’t let an Igbo candidate run for president. Things would be different if Igbo were elected president. You’ve all promised to take action, so make it so. You’re completely blameless. What you’re doing is hurting us.

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