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Go after politicians if you must Do Yahoo. Reverend Father Oluoma takes on swindlers

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One prominent Nigerian Catholic priest, Rev. Fr. Chinenye Oluoma, has warned young people from his country that engaging in online fraud is not a good idea.

During a lecture captured on video and shared on his Facebook page on Tuesday morning, the priest bemoaned the fact that internet fraudsters victimize innocent people for financial gain, claiming that it would have been preferable if they had instead gone after politicians.

However, Fr. Oluoma said that it is not okay for musicians to use their platforms to promote Yahoo.

As he put it, “When you pursue wealth at the expense of fellow humans, you are trashing people to get a treasure that will be trash in your life.”

I don’t grasp why thieves and scam artists get so worked up when clergy members call their behavior evil. The term “Yahoo” refers to a group of people who would rather stay at home and utilize the internet to find an unsuspecting victim than leave their comfortable surroundings and earn a living.

After thirty or forty years of toil, “then the person gets so broke. While the victim suffers from despair, hypertension, and a fatal heart attack, you make off with all of their possessions.

Do you think it’s normal since some musicians make music that seems to condone such behavior?

For example: “How do you want things to turn out if you want Yahoo to mean tricking people, defrauding them of their hard-earned money, leaving them penniless, and then they die of a heart attack?”

Others see it as a real business opportunity. In what universe can theft make sense as a side business model? No happy ending awaits you if you are that sort of person.

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Please don’t get married if you’re interested in that sort of stuff, because if you do and you have kids, they’ll be the ones to suffer.

At the very least, go after corrupt politicians if you want to be a Yahoo. However, you won’t go after them; your aim is the honest workforce. You can’t save the world, but you can at least take out the terrible politicians so you can discuss this with God on your deathbed.

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