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Government of Kebbi halts mining operations because to safety concerns

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Government of Kebbi halts mining operations because to safety concerns

On Friday, the government of Kebbi State stated that, in an effort to reduce security threats, mining operations will be temporarily halted across the state.

The decision was made in light of recent heightened security issues in areas near mining sites in the state, according to Yakubu Bala-Tafida, the Secretary to the State Government (SSG), who briefed reporters in his office in Birnin Kebbi.

He said that the suspension was brought on because miners had failed to provide sufficient evidence of their compliance with corporate social responsibility policies.

“There’s also the fact that the state and municipal governments’ so-called “environment tax” and “development levy” bring in zero actual money.

Many miners have an obvious negative effect on the environment without having obtained the necessary licence from the Federal Ministry of Mines and Minerals.

Because of these factors, the Kebbi state administration, led by Dr. Nasir Idris, has made the unpopular but admirable decision to halt mining operations in the state indefinitely.

“This suspension is a precautionary measure aimed at ensuring the safety of both mining workers and local communities,” he explained.

Mining is on the government’s Exclusive Legislative List, he said, but the decision to halt operations was taken after a careful analysis of the safety of the mines as they currently stand.

The SSG also said that the incident had caused them to worry about the safety of persons working in the relevant industries.

He said that this was in addition to the fact that there appeared to be no tangible evidence of corpor

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