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Government of Niger commits to building a 556-kilometer road

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BENIJ Nigeria Limited, a private consultancy firm, and the Niger State Government have entered into a contract agreement for the provision of advisory services related to the construction of 556 kilometers of road across the state.

A statement made by Governor Muhammad Umar Bago at the time of the agreement’s signing at the Niger State Government Lodge in Abuja affirmed that the action was consistent with the administration’s urban renewal agenda.

Bago said, “My administration is poised to significantly turn around the situation for the good of the people,” in reference to the quality of the state’s infrastructure, including its highways. When the roads are finished, it will be easier to do business and attract investors.

He claimed that the main reason they hired the consultant firm was to keep costs down and improve results.

He let out that the 556-kilometer road project is just the beginning; additional extensive road construction is planned.

BENIJ Nigeria Limited’s main consultant, Olatunji Ajayi, gave the Niger State Government his word that his company would provide the necessary skills to guarantee the projects’ quality and promised a thorough design within five weeks.

Hassan Etsu, the Niger State Government’s Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Works, and Ajayi, the firm’s Managing Director, both signed on behalf of their respective entities.

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